Lazy Wave Beach House
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Known as one of the most beautiful regions of Tasmania, if not Australia, Binalong Bay is a north-facing beach on the southern end of the famous Bay of Fires. Just minutes from the booming town of St Helens and the bountiful Georges Bay, ‘Binalong’ is surrounded by Humbug Point Recreational Reserve and the Bay of Fires Coastal Reserve.

Surprisingly, there are only four major north-facing beaches on the east coast of Australia. The others are Noosa Heads, Byron Bay and Portsea, so Binalong Bay is in very strong company and it shares the same sparkling beauty and extraordinary all-seasons climate as its famous associates.

Lazy Wave Beach House enjoys panoramic views of the Bay of Fires, Binalong Bay beach and Grants Lagoon from the wide top floor veranda and from the comfortable lounge and bedrooms. 

Lazy Wave is a place to relax in any season. In summer it’s warm and inviting and in winter the days are gloriously bathed in north sun, with temperatures up to 5 degrees C warmer than the west and south of the island state.

Binalong Bay is the ideal base for the many exciting features of the North East coast. Some of the world’s most wild and remote coastline exists in this area, along with the mountains of the Blue Tier and Ben Lomond. One hour drive south is the stunning Freycinet Peninsular and the world-renowned Wineglass Bay. Less than 2 hours drive from Launceston Airport via the Fingal Valley, Binalong Bay is the perfect place for relaxation, the most beautiful coastal walks and the best climate in the state.